The place that houses the wine shop/wine bar is the fortress of Montalcino, a monument rich in history and a symbol of the last glorious defence of the Sienese Republic in 1555 against Spanish-Florentine troops.

Begun in 1361 to improve the fortifications of the city, the fortress became a symbol of the then dominant Sienese power, however, counterbalanced by the opportunity that was offered to the residents of Montalcino to have Sienese citizenship while delocalised. It was precisely this fact that led to important political, economic and administrative relations between the inhabitants of the two cities.

Over the years and centuries, the fortress and its defence systems have undergone multiple operations including expansion and repair, until about 1600, year in which it definitely lost its military function. It has since been re-assigned to meet the needs of the city over time, even hosting a religious community of Benedictines.

Today, after major restoration, desired by Giovanni Colombini in the 1940s, it plays a tourist and cultural function hosting shows and events and offers visitors a dizzying view over the Val d'Orcia.